Author: Ben Potter

Ben Potter

I was the Commercial Director at digital marketing agency, Leapfrogg, for almost 14 years, amassing a huge amount of new business experience in that time.

A meticulous approach to lead generation, nurturing, qualifying, briefing and presenting saw the agency achieve an average win rate of 70%, including high profile brands such as Agent Provocateur, Dune London, Crabtree & Evelyn, Cath Kidston, Wolseley PLC, The Press Association and TUI.

I now work with aspiring agencies who are looking to improve how they win and retain the right clients, my mission being to make the experience of buying and selling digital services better for all those involved.  

10 things agency owners can do to help their Business Development Manager flourish

For many small agency owners there comes a day when investing in a business development manager (BDM) is not only financially viable but integral to the next phase of growth.

Speaking to agency owners over the years, their efforts at recruiting and managing a BDM often don’t work out. The solution was the right one but the execution failed.

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'Merry me'

Why your agency's value proposition probably sucks (and what to do about it)

A while back, I shared 10 guiding principles to help small digital agencies win more business. The pop-pickers amongst you would have noticed that ‘proposition me’ came in at number two. 

A relevant, compelling and credible value proposition is very much the foundation of a successful business development strategy, so let’s spend some time taking a closer look at what it is, why it’s important and how to go about creating one.

David and Goliath

Ten guiding principles to help small digital marketing agencies win more business

If you’re a digital agency, business development is hard work. 

Your average ecommerce manager or head of digital marketing is absolutely inundated with calls and emails making grand promises of ‘bigger this’ and ‘better that’.


Five digital strategy tips for mono-brands that wholesale and sell direct to consumer

What should a mono-brand think about as they go on the journey from wholesaler to fully-fledged online retailer?

What should its digital strategy look like?

Curry's customer feedback

How retail marketers can ensure they deliver the ‘right’ customer experience

In the recent Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence briefing, 25% of companies said they placed most emphasis on "making our experience as personalised and relevant as possible" in terms of improving the overall customer experience.

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What do clients really need from their SEO agency?

I’ve been working in digital for more years than I care to mention, witnessing a huge amount of change in that time, especially where SEO is concerned. 

Clearly SEO is no longer the ‘stand-alone’ technically-led discipline that it once was back in the day. 


15 rather useful customer experience pointers for SME retailers

I think we all agree that delivering a consistent, seamless, joined-up (delete as appropriate) customer experience, especially in a retail setting, is important.

Really important in fact.


We’ve updated our SEO RFP!

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article for Econsultancy stressing the importance of writing a brief when looking to appoint a search agency.

This was in response to the fact that, in my experience, so few businesses seem to do so.


Make 2015 the year of the customer

It’s that time of year again. Marketers are in reflective mood, looking back on the developments and trends of last year and future gazing into what’s going to be big in 2015.

I’m going to ignore the temptation to get too specific in my predictions for this year and instead focus on just one key trend that I hope to see in 2015. 


20 things a retailer really should know about their customers

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article emphasising the importance of customer data and insight to shaping a retail marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, in my experience, key decisions are too often based on guesswork; following the latest fad, copying the competition or buying a solution that isn’t aligned to objectives and customer behaviour.  


Five things you can learn about customers just by asking

Over the course of a typical year, I attend a number of retail and digital marketing conferences.

Without fail, everybody attending learns a huge amount. But almost everybody I speak to also comments that in heading back to the office they have a whole load more stuff they need to think about.

The ‘to do’ list keeps growing and growing.


How to lose friends and alienate people: Mango

Good customer services matters. A lot. And here's why. 

I'm not a huge fan of 'outing' brands across such a well-read blog as Econsultancy’s.

However, I’ve been so utterly disheartened by my experience with Mango in recent weeks that I felt compelled to publicise it in the hope it might spring them into action (and educate other retailers on the mistakes to avoid).