Author: Maria Morais

Maria Morais

A digital commerce consultant with over 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing and 10 years in Market Research and Analytics. Maria’s experience spans multiple industries; including retail, fashion, technology, financial services, human resources and gaming.

She is able to reflect her extensive background in a variety of sectors, both client and agency side, with a focus on innovation and technology that enables businesses to develop and achieve greater results.

Maria is a regular contributor to various industry publications and blogs.
Twitter: @CeuMorais

Why should fashion brands improve their multichannel offerings?

There is little doubt that in recent years the high street is being reshaped by the impact of the growth of e-commerce.

Aurora fashion group, for instance, announced in March 2012 that half of its stores could close due to the fact that 70% of the company’s transactions are now made online.


How shopping centres can innovate and save the high street

I have realised over the years that most people are no longer satisfied with simply buying goods and services. They expect engaging experiences and want shopping to be fun. 

Entertainment is playing an important role in the customer journey through concepts like gamification and pop-up shops for instance, but it seems that not everyone is taking advantage of this. 

Almost everywhere in the world shopping centres are currently revamping or downsizing to survive.

Their future may not include stores as we know today, but increasingly more pop-up retailers showcasing their products or services and the use of mobile and digital technology to enhance the in-store experience