Author: Charles Wade

Charles Wade

Three reasons to admire Glossier: The best online beauty brand you've never heard of

Little-known internationally, Glossier is becoming quite the cult favourite in the US.

A relatively late entrant into the crowded beauty sector, its rise has been meteoric – last August a Buzzfeed article revealed projected growth of 600% in 2016, with up to 30,000 people on product wait-lists.

amazon books

Customer experience in Amazon's New York book store: Why not just buy it online?

The first and overwhelming impression when visiting Amazon’s first New York location is that of familiarity. 

The look and feel, wooden shelves with white on black signage just above is reminiscent of the British retailer Waterstones, which operates in the same sector. Further, second-tier typography, this time white on royal blue, has shades of WHSmith, another old-hand.


Why has wearable tech failed to catch on?

The world has been waiting for wearable technology to fulfil its potential since 2014. So what is causing the delay?


How smartphone apps & personal data might reduce the cost of healthcare products

In 2016 Statista reported that in the US alone 54m users interact with the top 10 healthcare apps each month


Financial institutions need to act fast to avoid being outflanked by tech giants

A recent Accenture report found that one in three people would move their banking to Google, Amazon, or Facebook if those companies offered services.

This echoes JWT Intelligence’s prediction that Financial Technology (fintech) will become the primary reformer within retail banking, largely because new entrants offer a gateway into a world so encumbered by process and rigid operating hours that it can often appear inflexible to a generation that expects instant search results and deliveries within an hour.