Author: Chris Liversidge

Chris Liversidge

With an extensive background in web, spanning the past 14 years, Chris initially carved a career in web design where he became a vocal advocate for standards-based development before being drawn into the fast paced world of search engine marketing.

Building upon his depth of knowledge in web development, Chris has executed highly effective SEO strategies for over 60 major clients across key search verticals, including: T-Mobile UK, Skype International, Boots, Hilton Hotels, M&S Money, Waitrose, BT, Aggreko, Metro International, Expedia, Samsung and amongst others.

Founding QueryClick in 2008, Chris brought together a team of experienced experts across core online marketing disciplines to realise his goal of delivering highly customised, online marketing strategies tailored to deliver the best possible overall ROI for client marketing budgets.

Mobile SEO

2014: the mobile SEO timebomb

Over the last four months, Google has been ramping up its publicity of a more aggressive target for mobile site performance: sub one second page load times.

Enforcement of this aspiration comes from Google's usual source: algorithmic rewards for sites achieving this goal. You just need to look at how industry commentary has exploded around site speed issues over the last couple of years to see the impact this strategy has had.

I fully expect to see this industry focus switch to mobile-specific commentary through 2014.

Let's take a look at the evidence, and the SEO opportunity...

Non-Brand Search Opportunity Term Report

Optimising search user journey to conversion for multinational SEO

Modern SEO embraces the user journey more than ever before, but it is when we look at multinational businesses that we see the greatest SEO opportunity for performance around today.