Author: Chris Moffatt

Chris Moffatt

Background in traditional high-street Merchandising gained with House of Fraser and Selfridges. Moved into multi-channel retail as Trading Manager with Sit Up Channels, then worked as a Business Consultant with Adobe, specialising in the Retail sector. I am currently Online Merchandise Manager for Smythson.

Five tips to optimise e-commerce site search

Internal site search is a core component of most e-commerce sites, but it's rarely optimised to its full extent.

Tools such as Fredhopper, Endeca and Adobe Omniture Merchandising can help enormously in this matter but there are certain generic tasks that anyone can perform to help optimise their internal search, no matter what tools you're using.

I'll concentrate on the retail sector, but these tips could be translated to other sectors too. Here are five tips to try:

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Getting away with it

How does Amazon get away with it?

It's the world's largest e-commerce retailer, yet Amazon breaks all the established rules.

So just how does Amazon get away with it?

Could Twitter be censored?

Could Twitter be censored?

The recent media obsession over superinjunctions could lead to the unthinkable: censorship of web content here in the UK.


20 ways for etailers to optimise site search and navigation

Improving your site search and navigation can have a dramatic impact on sales. Not being able to find the product you want is one of the top - and sometimes overlooked - barriers to conversion.

In this article I've attempted to summarise what I see as the most important steps to improving the customer experience. While some require specific technology, many of these ideas can be implemented on any website.


Online customer service: how to get it right

With the increasingly homogenous offer of online retailers, it is generally agreed that high levels of customer service are more vital than ever.

With this in mind, I'm constantly astounded by the shockingly poor levels of service British consumers are exposed to.


Five ways to monetise social media

New media evangelists proudly claimed that 2010 would be the 'Year of Social Media'. The real question for me as an Online Merchandiser is how this technology can be harnessed to turn users into buyers.


IPTV comes of age

Market watchers have been touting the convergence of internet and TV services for many years, but it seems that the technology is finally getting the push that it needs.

And there are no surprises for guessing which company is at the heart of it.