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Chris Rourke

I am a user experience consultant and Director of User Vision, a leading consultancy providing usability testing, user profiling, information architecture, eye tracking, accessibility and training services.
Prior to starting User Vision, I was a senior consultant for a leading human factors consultancy in London and have worked for clients throughout the UK, Europe and the US. I have applied usability / human factors to improve software, websites and products for a wide range of clients, both commercial and public sector including Dell Computers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Intelligent Finance, Scottish Widows, Emirates Airline, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, NCR, Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeen City Council, Leeds City Council, IKEA and more
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Top Task Management process

How managing your customer's 'top tasks' can deliver a better experience

It's a safe bet that the amount of information online will just keep growing forever, like an ever-expanding digital universe.

But continuously adding more content to your own website may actually harm your user experience and your business unless it's done with your customers' goals in mind.

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UK retailers still failing to meet web accessibility standards

At the end of 2016 the BBC reported that retailers could be "missing out on £249bn because many are inaccessible to disabled customers". 

But what about the digital high street?

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Logo

Five quick checks for your website’s accessibility

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, an initiative to get people to talk, think and learn about digital accessibility.  

So why not try out these five steps to see how well your site is meeting the accessibility requirements


The revolution will not be personalised…or will it?

Che Guevara Spraffl

Creating and curating a public persona through social media can be powerful, but would you tweet differently if you were anonymous? 

A new social media tool lets you do that and could bring an interesting and controversial twist to social media.


The Four Seasons site is beautiful, but not for disabled users

The press release announcing Four Season’s new site states that it was "thoughtfully deliver an immersive and effortless experience tailored to every user".

But shouldn't that include disabled users?

The Four Seasons site review focusing on web usability highlighted some important shortcomings in terms of the booking process and other areas, and briefly mentioned some of the accessibility issues.  

Here we take a closer look at some of these and the actions that should have been taken to truly make the site available and usable to every user. 


RNIB gets tough with bmibaby over accessibility

The RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) has decided to sue BMI Baby over its failure to deal with the poor accessibility of its website.  

This is not the first time that accusations of poor web accessibility have been levelled at an airline, and it is no surprise that travel websites are an area of focus.


Could the Belgian agency 'pitch strike' happen in the UK or USA?

Belgian agencies recently 'went on strike' over overly time consuming pitch processes that threatened their commercial viability.  

Would there be cause for that in the UK or US markets? 


Little things mean a lot: Usability & the wonky tray table effect

Even relatively small usability problems can have a big effect on user experience and user confidence on your site, especially at crucial stages of the user journey. 


Making your site recession proof through better usability

The recession is an extra obstacle to shopping online. To stop it from being insurmountable, you need to make sure you remove all the other barriers you can.

Last summer I asked if the downturn was leading to greater use of e-commerce? The answer then was 'yes'. The answer is still “yes”, only maybe more so now...

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The importance of visual affordance in hyperlink design

A slightly disturbing new trend seems to be happening in the world of interface design, requiring people to move their mouse around to tell what is a link and what is not.

When you start messing around with the basic building block of the web - the hyperlink – trouble is sure to follow.


iPhone app review: Edinburgh Festivals Guide

Once a year Edinburgh’s population more than doubles with an influx of visitors arriving to take advantage of Edinburgh’s festival season.

A new iPhone app has many positive features to help punters through the maze of shows and venues, although some improvements can be made to support the user journey. 


Information visualisation and usability: Time is on your side

There is something beautiful about making complex information palatable, understandable and even attractive. As the the amount of data released into the world grows, this challenge of assimilating masses of information rapidly will also grow, and the skills of visual designers, information architects and statisticians should be appreciated. 

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