Author: Chris Swan

Chris Swan

Chris has 4 and a half years digital marketing experience (especially in paid search) and joined Jellyfish in January 2013 as PPC Manager.

He began working globally for brand awareness clients such as Ford and BP for Mindshare, picking up on the importance of site engagement metrics as performance indicators - rather than sales. And as his role evolved he later worked with direct response clients across many verticals with the all important ROI/CPA.

Each agency is unique however, and the experience gained from Chris' previous roles has taught him best practises and strategic awareness with client interaction.

PPC Ad Scheduling Bid Matrix improves CPA by 69%!

How a PPC ad scheduling strategy drove 69% improvement in CPA

When taking over any PPC account, it is essential to learn from historical performance swiftly in order to make the best possible start to a campaign.

In this example account there was a clear disparity between the best and worst hours / days of the week.

This suggested that a more aggressive ad scheduling strategy was required to bring the account to an even keel (and to perform as efficiently as possible) over the course of the day and week.