Author: Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris

Chris started his marketing career proper at P&G, and is increasingly aware of how long ago that was as more and more teams he works with fail to understand cultural references he makes. Currently consulting to a B2B automotive company who want to set up a B2C business he was the AA's Group Marketing & Insight Director until the end of 2017, and has also worked in luxury goods, telecoms and the travel industry. He studied Geography at Oxford and is traumatised that his son has not picked it as a GCSE. When he’s not trying to figure out what makes consumers tick, he’s a family man, also interested in wine, Italy, and vintage pinball & coffee machines.


Frontline contact with the consumer is still the foundation of good marketing

Today’s marketer has ever more choices to make, detail to master and technical skills to be on top of, in terms of how they execute their plans.

From the the myriad of clever ways in which you can use use the internet to conduct fast, large-scale quantitative customer research and then sophisticated analytical techniques to cut up the data, through the micro-targeting of online campaigns, to the demand for instant measurement of results, the complexity is mind-boggling.

It’s a far cry from my start in marketing in the early 1990s at a pre-internet P&G.