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Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher was the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy. He runs pop culture site Methods Unsound and you can hound him on Twitter @Christophe_Rock.

Is the most persuasive mobile website in the world?

This question refers to a similar article published by our esteemed contributor Paul Rouke last year.

In his article asking whether is the most persuasive website in the world Paul discovered that over the years has continually evolved and refined its online experience, adding the fundamentals of persuasive design in order to gain a competitive advantage.

By using visual appeal and retaining the user's attention through clarity, strong visual hierarchy and utilising one primary action per screen, provides a compelling user experience.

However in light of new research looking at top mobile travel sites, I’m going to investigate whether this persuasiveness translates to the mobile experience.


Mobile customer journey from search to checkout: car and van hire

Continuing our series looking at the customer journey from search to checkout, here we’ll be concentrating on the vehicle hire industry.

However as Google is changing its algorithm to rank mobile friendly sites higher than non-mobile friendly sites, let’s take a look at the journey from a mobile point of view. 


Customer journey tracking: joining up digital and offline touchpoints

In an effort to increase customer lifetime value, offline channels have become key battlegrounds. 

It’s often quoted, for example, that multichannel customers are worth four times that of a customer solely shopping offline or online.

Which offline channels are most relevant for your business? How do you join the dots to map and track website visitors and customers who are engaging both online and offline? How important is it for your business (or for your clients) to join up online and call centre activity?


Four key highlights from our new Technology for Ecommerce Report 2015

Fantastic news for retailers: the ecommerce marketplace is maturing and the cost of ecommerce platforms is generally declining.

However the demand for services and solutions remains high, which means there’s an ever-growing appetite for new functionality to help businesses increase sales, improve customer engagement, reduce costs and extend their reach.

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10 things we loved on the internet this week

Love is a powerful word, one that you have to use sparingly so as not to diminish its meaning.

So know that when I use the word ‘love’ here in the context of this collection of fleetingly popular viral videos, super distracting desktop games and mildly offensive wordplay, I have considered all possible romantic complications that might occur and the risks involved.

Please don’t get too attached to me though Shake It Off parody video, I will eventually forget about you in seven days time when another Shake it Off parody video comes along.

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11 most impressive digital marketing stats this week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the very best online marketing stats from around the internet and ever so slightly beyond.

This week we have stats on mobile ad spend, validated customer reviews, the sites that will suffer under Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ update and many more.


Financial industry confirms its rules for social media

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who sound very serious and like you shouldn’t mess with them, has this week “finalised” its guidance for how financial services should use social media.

The FCA is basically a financial regulatory body, ensuring that firms run with consumers’ best interests at heart and provide appropriate products and services.

1 comment’s excellent customer-focused redesign: review

Admiral has been doing commendable work in digital recently. 


How are organisations integrating the single customer view?

Customers have assumed the position of power in their relationship with brands.

As technology gives people unprecedented information and choice regarding products or services, companies have to work twice as hard on meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint.


Start Me Up! A profile of Earth Bathrooms

Earth Bathrooms is an online-only bathroom retailer seeking to differentiate itself from bricks and mortar showrooms through its commitment to customer service, a larger product range and quality design.

I talked to Shane Quigley, the CEO of Earth Bathrooms about the business and its plans for future growth.


12 best things on the internet: the fist of Statham edition

If our Twitter page is the public face of Econsultancy, then surely this weekly round-up of internet distractions is the ugly hat that you thought was such a great idea last summer, but now you keep in a dirty old carrier bag at the bottom of your wardrobe.

To returning friends, a hearty welcome, you’ll be glad to know it’s business as usual. 

To relative strangers who have stumbled over this for the first time, an even heartier welcome with a vague whiff of desperation and an admittance that things don’t get much better from here.


Where to find and create your own brilliant Gifs

The question isn’t whether you should use Gifs or not, it’s where do I get them and how many can I legitimately cram into a single article?