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Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher was the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy. He runs pop culture site Methods Unsound and you can hound him on Twitter @Christophe_Rock.

Just 17.9% of internet users account for 80% of shares: stats

Almost one in five online users share videos with their social networks more than once a week. 

This is according to new research published by Unruly, which also reveals that the video ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented.

The majority of video shares may occur on Facebook (59%), for the remainder there is a fairly even split across multiple platforms.

Let’s take a quick look at the research…

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50+ key takeaways and soundbites from the Festival of Marketing

Last week, thousands of marketers attended our Festival of Marketing at the Tobacco Dock in London.

It was a two-day celebration of the modern marketing industry, featuring speakers from brands including LEGO, Marks and Spencer, Coca-Cola, Buzzfeed, KLM and many more industry experts sparking discussions in a unique mix of Q&As, debates, case studies and workshops.

Although it would be impossible to condense one session into a single quote, or even cover every single session in each strand (there were 10 stages featuring approximately 120 sessions plus five keynote speeches), here’s a quick round-up some of the key takeaways from our event. 

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How Asda succeeded on YouTube with Mum’s Eye View

The old rules don’t apply anymore. 24 hour news, social media and the rise of consumer and user created content has meant that PR people have to manage brands in real-time.

If you ask younger people if they read a newspaper chances are they’ll say no. They get their news online, via social media. The only television they watch is on-demand, they’re certainly not watching mainstream TV that we’re traditionally used to.

They have their own laptops, mobiles and tablets. They watch Netflix or iPlayer. They love YouTube.

Last week at our Festival of Marketing Asda’s senior director of marketing innovation Dominic Burch talked about how PR delivered YouTube success for the UK based supermarket.

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12 amusing things that almost certainly won't break the internet

This week’s round up is brought to you by our sponsors Alka-Seltzer, Poorly Pouch Sick Bags and the nearest bacon sandwich I can find.

Yes it’s the morning after the Festival of Marketing and as such this collection of amusing entertainments from around the internet will be brought to you through mirrored sunglasses and a minor tremor.

Not to fear though, we’ll power heroically through together, pausing only very occasionally to put our heads in our hands to murmur something along the lines of ‘eugghhhhhhhh’.

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Universal Pictures: social and the silver screen

How has one of the oldest and most high profile industries adapted to the rise of social media?

Two years ago, social was something that the publicity department did on the side. Universal has since built a specific social team and overseen a complete change in marketing strategy.

Albert Hogan is the head of digital strategy at Universal Pictures UK and he talked at our Festival of Marketing this morning about how the studio has learnt to engage with a very vocal film-loving audience across social.

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Buzzfeed: brand relevance in the social web

Buzzfeed has certainly arrived at the right place at the right time, taking advantage of an increasingly social web and curating a huge proportion of the content we see everyday in our news feeds.

Buzzfeed has more than 150m unique views every month, 15m unique views in the UK with 75% of these coming from social and more than half coming from mobile.

The creative director of Buzzfeed Philip Byrne talked at our Festival of Marketing event yesterday about the success of Buzzfeed and also gave advice for brands that want to partner with the publisher.


Ann Summers and the pursuit of personalisation

With 1.5m unique visitors and 30m page impressions a month Ann Summers’ multichannel strategy is a very effective one.

In fact Ann Summers commands and impressive 98% brand recognition. This is in no doubt helped by the fact that it’s the only erotic retailer to have a major high street presence. 

75p of every erotic retailer pound is spent with Ann Summers. The brand has also recently introduced international access through its eBay store and has implemented click and collect with 1,754 orders taken in the first day.

To further bolster its online success Anne Summers wanted to improve the way it personalised the experience for its customers, by adopting a more data driven strategy.

Lets take a look at some of the highlights from a talk given by Ann Summers’ head of ecommerce Matthew Gratze at our two day Festival of Marketing event.


Lars Silberbauer on LEGO and being the human voice of your company

LEGO is one of the most beloved brands on the planet and its social strategy is one of the most richly engaging and rewarding.

The company puts a strong emphasis on encouraging and inspiring the different communities it has created throughout its many active digital channels.

Lars Silberbauer is LEGO’s global director of social media and this morning he gave a talk at our Festival of Marketing about the finer aspects of Lego’s social strategy.


Shakespeare’s Globe Player: a video-on-demand masterclass

The 400-year-old London theatre has recently launched a video-on-demand service, which allows its users access to more than 50 of its productions. 

According to The Globe, it’s the first theatre in the world to offer its own productions through online streaming on its own platform.

Lets take a look at the platform and see how it compares to the other video streaming services available for other media.


Gmail Inbox review: does email need a reboot?

A fresh approach to email or an unnecessary overhaul of something that doesn’t need fixing?

Of course it’s attitudes such as the latter which means we’ve been stuck with the same boring old umbrella design since the 18th century. 

Gmail Inbox is a new email app that wants to hit the reset button in terms of what we expect from an email account. It’s a year zero if you will, or to use Gmail’s expression, ‘a fresh start’.

Inbox is still in beta testing at the moment and you can only access it if you have an invitation. You can request one here. In the meantime a very generous colleague let me have their spare invite over the weekend, so I could offer you this sneak peek.


Halfords: the customer journey from search to checkout

Following the relaunch of its ecommerce site at the end of 2013, Halfords online sales have risen 13.7% from the same time last year.

As reported in Internet Retailing last week, Halfords’ online sales represented 12.2% of its total retail sales. Conversion rates have risen by 19% and 92% of online orders were collected in store through its click and collect service.

Impressive figures that certainly position Halfords as a successful multichannel retailer, but what makes the Halfords online experience particularly conducive to improving its revenue?

Recently we’ve featured Halfords in various articles related to ecommerce - social customer service, guest checkouts click and collect - and to be honest this retailer hasn’t come out particularly well.


18 thrilling things we found on that crazy little thing called the internet this week

The word thrilling is bandied around so much these days that it's all but lost its meaning. 

"Hey son, how's the non-brand corn flakes?" "Thrilling."

"Good morning dear. What did you think of last night's episode of Emmerdale?" "Deeply thrilling."

"Oh hi long-term colleague, what do you think of my new brown woollen socks?" "Unbelievably thrilling."

I realise now that I may have a very sarcastic family and friendship group.

Somehow I already know what they'll think of the following round-up of reasonably entertaining things I found on the internet this week.