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Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher was the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy. He runs pop culture site Methods Unsound and you can hound him on Twitter @Christophe_Rock.

50+ fascinating stats about mobile commerce in the UK: 2015

In 2015 the shift towards mobile asserting itself as the dominant user device for shoppers has become unavoidable.

According to an IMRG report from February 2015, visits to ecommerce sites via smartphone and tablet devices accounted for 45% of all ecommerce traffic in the UK.

This year the importance of mobile for retailers has also become integral to business, as Google now explicitly ranks mobile friendly sites above their non-optimised competition.

With these trends in mind, I've rounded up more than 50 of the best stats from various surveys and reports that we've seen in the past 12 months in one handy guide.

For much more data on mobile commerce download our Internet Statistics Compendium.


10 things we loved on the internet this week

I think I’m so flipping cool, with my cynicism, my tattoos, the motorbike I ride to work on and the toothpick that’s constantly hanging seductively off my bottom lip.

Man, I’m such a rebel. 

But then every once in a while something will come along to chisel a little crack into this ice-cold facade. Such a thing has happened this week.


25+ most enlightening digital marketing stats from this week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the very best internet marketing stats from around the digital world.

When Bobby Brown sang ‘Two Can Play Stat Game’ back in 1994, his lyrics were met with nothing but bafflement. However looking back we now realise Brown was talking about the current relationship between myself (the stat-bearer) and you the reader (the stat-enjoyer).

He was a true thought-leader and clearly way ahead of his time. Also see ‘My Prerogative’ which is mainly about integrating social into your Customer Relationship Management system.


The current state of programmatic: latest stats and infographic round-up

More companies are now embracing the opportunity to reach consumers online as a significant part of their programmatic spending. 

According to our Programmatic Branding report 62% of marketers are using programmatic for brand objectives, with the expectation of increasing this budget by an average of 37% in the next two years.  


12 best branded Instagram videos from May 2015

Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Instagram videos from the last four weeks.

May features a variety of video making techniques, from never-ending loops to time-lapse to slow-motion, replete with all the stunning insight you’ve come to expect from this beloved round-up.


10 of the best branded Vines from May 2015

Only the very best and brightest branded Vines make it into our monthly round-up.

Here we celebrate the informative, the entertaining, the innovative and the interesting. A Vine doesn’t have to be all four of those things, but doing at least one of the above will certainly help it stand out from the crowd.

Or if it leads me to make a rather excellent joke about giraffes then that’s also fine too.


Three key takeaways from our Customer Experience Excellence Trends Briefing: Digital Cream 2015

Customer experience has been a top priority for marketers over the last 12 months. 

The average consumer has become increasingly digitally-savvy and expects more than ever from brands online. 

This has led to new roles and teams being developed that are devoted to managing and optimising the customer experience (CX).


10 best social campaigns and stories from May 2015

Sit back and enjoy this collection of recent news and advertising inspiration taken from the wide world of social.

We have everything from the perfect hashtag to Royal Baby newsjacking to Starbucks turning its baristas into DJs.


Start me up! A profile of Weev

Weev is a new social video app that ‘talks back’. 

Ask a question, make a statement, or start an idea by taking a quick video, which people from all over the world can reply to with their own quick videos.

I talked to the CEO of Weev, Andrew Sachs about the app, how it’s different from the social video competition and his plans for future growth.


10 most insightful digital marketing stats from this week

All the best and most interesting online marketing stats from the last seven days, wrapped up in a neat little package just for you.

Unless of course you are Shania Twain, with your claim that “stat don’t impress me much” so perhaps I’ll just buy you a new cowboy hat or something.

If you think that I should have been too embarrassed to write that pun, then clearly this is your first time here. Welcome!


10 things we loved on the internet this week

It’s the weekly round-up of internet weirdness that successfully undoes six days worth of otherwise insightful, useful and highly professional content.

Although that being said, this week we did get into a rap feud, I nearly got arrested in New Look and we tried to ban the term Millennials with negligible success.

Not bad for less than four days' work. 


How 18 retailers in Central London are integrating digital in-store

Ah, Oxford Street, you are known by so many names…

To some, you are the shopping capital of the UK, to others, a realisation of hell on Earth. 

This is particularly true for those of us whose morning commute takes them directly through the centre of Europe’s busiest shopping street. Here all the biggest high street brands rub shoulders next to endlessly ‘closing down’ souvenir shops and all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets 

For us here at Econsultancy, it is technically a second home, and therefore we can’t help but treat it as an ever-changing example of a digitally transforming retail industry.