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Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher was the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy. He runs pop culture site Methods Unsound and you can hound him on Twitter @Christophe_Rock.

10 predictions from the Future of Digital Marketing that came true

Our annual Future of Digital Marketing (FODM) event is celebrating its 10-year anniversary on 11 June 2015.

You can take part in the proceedings by joining us and 300 other senior digital professionals for the one day conference, where you can be inspired by a variety of digital pioneers and learn about the trends shaking up our industry, and how we can harness them to change the way we do business.    

Tickets do sell out, so act fast.

In the meantime, let’s take a look back at 10 years of digital marketing prognostication and highlight 10 of the trends that either came true or are well on their way to being realised.


Pandora: customer journey from search to checkout

Every so often I like to take a look at a website that I wouldn’t normally visit, from an industry we haven’t covered that much and put it through the customer journey test.

This week it’s the turn of Pandora, an international jewellery manufacturer founded in 1982, that entered the world of ecommerce in 2011.

Similar to previous posts on Ikea and Apple, I’m going to take a look at the convenience and experience of the shopping and checkout process from the point of view of a regular visitor visiting from search.

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Does Google use social signals for ranking?

There’s an awful lot of conflicting opinion out there, so let’s see if we can cut through it as best as we can.

I was writing an article on the pros of using social video apps last week, and as I typed the sentence “video can help with your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and the more engagement the video receives in the form of likes, comments and shares the higher up your video will appear” I realised that I didn’t know if that second part was actually true.


Seven video marketing lessons learnt from #ThisGirlCan

Kate Dale is the head of brand and digital strategy at Sport England and was responsible for leading its phenomenally successful #ThisGirlCan campaign.

Today at our brand new Video Masterclass event, a conference brought to you by Econsultancy and Marketing Week, Kate Dale spoke about the campaign and how it achieved genuine engagement.


Direct Line: improving the customer side of digital transformation

Direct Line redesigned its website last year, putting a larger focus on the rapidly growing number of mobile users wishing to access traditionally difficult to obtain information.

Just a few years ago the idea of obtaining a home or car insurance quote on the mobile web seemed at best a pipe-dream, at worst a massive hassle not worth attempting.

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10 things we loved on the internet this week

Here’s a little window into the process of how we create this weekly round-up. We’re really into transparency here after all.

Do you notice how in the headline it always says ‘we loved’, rather than ‘I loved’? Well that’s because all the items featured here have been voted for inclusion by every single member of the Econsultancy staff.


How leaders manage global engagement differently to the rest of industry

Digital marketing and customer experience management are hard enough when targeting a single region and language. 

The challenges grow exponentially as marketers contend with the nuances of multiple geographies, peoples and cultures.


Three key takeaways from our Digital Transformation Trends Briefing: Digital Cream 2015

Digital transformation is the journey from where a company is, to where it aspires to be digitally.

A digital organisation is generally considered to be one that focuses on customer experience irrespective of channel and has a ‘digital culture’. But how do you get the right mix of skills, culture and technology in order to benefit the customer and the long-term health of your organisation?


11 reasons why your brand should be using social video

Just in case you need any further convincing that you should give Vine, Instagram or other social video platforms a go, here’s a handy guide to why social video is important for brands.

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10 practical Vine and Instagram video tips for brands

I was recently invited to speak at the CIM social video boot camp, where I demonstrated some tips for how brands can get the best from social video apps.

In my presentation I covered a range of guidance for both Vine and Instagram video platforms, much of which I’ve already covered in the previous how to be brilliant at Instagram and Vine guides.

However as the apps have gone through many updates over the past 12 months, I thought I’d share with you some more practical, technical advice that has come to light.


Net-A-Porter launches its own shoppable social network: review

Net-A-Porter's evocatively named platform The Net Set launched last week.

It promises to be a ‘complete social network’ connecting you with your friends, brands, designers and style icons.

Features include being able to shop any item directly from the app, and if you upload your own style or outfit of the day, image recognition will find similar styles for you to shop.


10 things we loved on the internet this week

I’m going to write this week’s collection of madcap internet fun using only emojis.

Because what says ‘madcap internet fun’ more than emojis? Nothing. One day the entire Econsultancy blog, our downloadable reports, research and even our training will be delivered using tiny, imperceptible symbols. It’s inevitable.