Author: Christopher Skinner

Christopher Skinner

Throughout my career, I've focused on two fundamental areas: what businesses need to succeed and what customer’s want from a brand. I believe that marketing can connect and satisfy both needs but not with the existing framework.

The current popular methods for planning and measuring digital media are insufficient - we need to disrupt the status quo to impact overall business profitability and brand equity.

That's what I've spent my career on – helping build companies and making them profitable. In 2001 I founded MakeBuzz and since then have worked with over 250 leading companies, including Vodafone, Target, United Airlines and Oreck.

Display: we've got it all backwards

Can digital be used to create customers, rather than just marketing to the ones you already have?

Making potential intenders visible online is the key. Digital display can create customers, not just close them

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Is your marketing truly disruptive?

Today’s businesses are so relentlessly driven towards bottom-line metrics that they end up being a lot less profitable than they could be. 

In this post, I'll explain why creating real sustainable profit may mean throwing out shareholder value metrics.