Author: Dale Lovell

Dale Lovell

Publishing Director and Co-Founder, Content Amp.

I head up the content strategy and content production side of the Content Amp business.

I have worked in online publishing since 2000. I cut my teeth working for a number of  online start-ups, practising blogger outreach, ePR and content marketing before the terms were widely used and practised. I have also worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter as well as online content strategy consultancy to brands such as The National Geographic Channel. 


The five biggest words in advertising right now

I was lucky enough to get to attend the IAB Leadership Summit at Sopwell House, St Albans a few weeks ago. As the name implies it’s a senior level summit of industry bigwigs from brands, agencies, publishers and technology sectors.


Forget the headlines, ad tech’s best days lie ahead

With recent, damaging claims that certain programmatic ads have had a role in unexpectedly helping to promote hate speech, and even worse, to fund terrorism, ad tech’s reputation has taken a real battering in the last few months.  


AI is about to change the digital advertising landscape forever

AI gets a bad rap. For the most part conversations on the topic tend to revolve around loss of jobs and the redundancy of human labour.

Millennials native advertising exchange

Millennials don't hate advertising: It's all about the value exchange

With millennial expectations of advertising increasing and the rise of ad-blocking, the value exchange between brand and consumer is now more important than ever.

Depending on which definition you read as what constitutes a millennial, I am one. Apparently.

Programmatic Native Advertising Adyoulike

Five changes programmatic native advertising will bring

The advent of programmatic native advertising promises to revolutionise content marketing and digital advertising campaigns. 

It will allow for the streamlining of operations, an abundance of new data and economies of scale in the native advertising trading process like never before.


Forget TV debates, digital could be the major player in the general election

All the major parties are missing the point about the TV debates, it’s digital that will be the key influencer at this year’s General Election. 

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Native advertising world cup

What native advertising can learn from the World Cup

The World Cup in Brazil has created an online buzz;. Swathes of content have outpoured online and social media activity has been off the scale.

While England, Spain and Italy will be licking their wounds and flying home in disappointment, we take a look at what comparisons can be drawn between native advertising and the sporting event of the year.

London Native advertising

Why London is poised to lead the way with native advertising

With native advertising the buzz phrase among marketers for 2014, London is poised to lead the way in innovation in what is one of the most creative digital ad formats to emerge in recent years. 

In November AirBnB co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk claimed that London was ‘stuck in a Silicon Valley Roundabout’ and held back by its failure to produce a ‘billion dollar’ online business. 

Many in London found the comments annoying. Phil Cooper, a digital veteran who launched the UK’s first video ad network and was until last year European MD of Brightroll, was one of them. 

Cooper, who launched his latest digital venture six months ago, London based accommodation platform, a competitor of AirBnB in the London market, believes that what London does best is innovation; taking an established model, technology or platform and turning it on its head. 

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Scaling Native Advertising - 2014

How do you scale native advertising?

Native advertising is set to grow phenomenally in 2014. 

The New York Times among many others has now embraced native ad formats. This has led an even bigger clamour among media analysts to predict big things for native this year. 

J.P. Morgan stated last week in its ‘Nothing But Net’ report that “We believe native ads are quickly becoming the de facto ad format on mobile and increasingly moving into desktop”. 

There is still a lot of confusion among marketers and publishers about what native actually is.  Many people have tried to define it and enlighten us all on what native advertising is. 

Native advertising examle

Native advertising: what content marketers need to know

Content is arguably the biggest trend to hit online marketing since the advent of social media, video and search. 

Content is everywhere. And with content comes the opportunity for new, exciting, content based advertising models.

Enter native advertising. Find out what all content marketers need to know. 

5 Things Digital Marketers Should Do In August

Five things digital marketers should do in August to stay ahead of the game

It’s the summer. Medialand is on holiday, and even if you are at work there is a holiday feel around.

It’s harder to get hold of the right people, the decision makers that are required to input into your digital marketing. It’s a time, ideally, when marketers are under a little less pressure than normal. 

Fast Moving Consumer Content - Content Amp

Content marketing: welcome to the world of Fast-Moving Consumer Content (FMCC)

As more and more businesses, from multi-national brands to one-man-bands, continue to embrace content creation and content marketing as an effective tool to engage and embrace with their customers, we are now living in a world of Fast Moving Consumer Content (FMCC).

Those brands and businesses that understand, and adapt their marketing efforts to accommodate the continuing, insatiable consumer demand for content, the more successful they will become.