Author: Damon Ragusa

Damon Ragusa

Damon Ragusa is a software and analytics executive with experience across a wide range of functions serving the marketing organization. He possesses operational and management experience with mid to large size consultancies and analytics firms as well as founding and growing analytics and software startups. Damon has over 20 years of experience in consumer behavioral and marketing execution modeling and developing analytic-based software.

Damon is the founder/chairman at ThinkVine, a marketing planning and optimization software and is the President of idio Inc., a content intelligence technology helping leading brands improve their content marketing executions.

Content is not king

Content is critical but relevance is king

I’ve never been one to submit to catchphrases. The business world and, by extension the marketing world, is full of them.  

“Net-net, at the end of the day, we are living with a new normal of big data.”  Just typing these words gives me the shivers. But these phrases emerge, typically, around meaningful trends.  

For the past three years the dialogue about content marketing has gone from a whisper to a roar. And the expression 'content strategy' is now popular discussion.  

On many occasions I’ve heard pundits declare that 'Content is King'. Most pundits have a vested interest so I understand the tendency toward hyperbole. But I want to make one thing clear. I disagree.

Content is not king. It is not a strategy. Content is a means to an end, a tactic. A very, very important tactic. But a business’s objective is not to create content but rather create enterprise value.

Content marketing adds to enterprise value by sustaining a measure of relevancy with people who engage with it in order to sell more products and services for the first time and over time.  

Relevance is the goal.