Author: Dan Brotzel

Dan Brotzel

Six ways brand marketers can bring the funny without being cringeworthy

People like stuff that makes them laugh, according to a new study of one person (me).

Laughing was found to be conducive to feelings of wellbeing, and the providers of that laughter were likely to be viewed with feelings of positivity and even warmth. Fact. 

We don’t need to cite a load of research to know that, in marketing as in life, humour works. It makes us feel good, it makes people more attractive, it lightens our day; hell, sometimes it even gets people to share content by brands.


19 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy

In a recent piece about content marketing trends for 2017, Joe Pulizzi – the self-styled poster-boy of the content marketing movement – makes the point that ‘writing still counts, perhaps more than ever.'


10 nudge-tastic examples of persuasive copywriting from charities

In which we look at some great examples of digital psychology in action from the non-profit sector.

I've included examples from charities including the RSPB, RNLI, Dog's Trust and more.


Five tips for writing cliché-free travel copy

How to address that classic content challenge familiar to every travel brand...

Writing fresh, interesting copy about the same old places.


Six simple ways to fit storytelling into your content

Worried that your marketing content doesn’t follow the Quest structure?

Not sure who your mythic hero is or where you put your narrative crucible? Start simple with these handy storytelling tips…

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Easy does it: six ways content can reduce effort for your online users

The perception of ease, of low effort, is a powerful nudge to engagement and even conversion.


Eight surprisingly interesting examples of finance content

Finance brands perhaps have more of a challenge when creating content but, with a little imagination, this can be overcome. 

Here are eight interesting examples of finance content, and what we can learn from them...

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Three classical rhetorical devices to optimise your digital copy

How to make your content persuasive, Cicero-style…     


Nine surprisingly lengthy tips for cutting and editing your copy

‘I’m sorry for writing such a long letter: I didn’t have time to write a short one,’ Blaise Pascal once said. Well, quite. 

Probably the most common copywriting issue that people want to address on our courses is how to cut copy.

‘We have so much we want to say but our content’s way too long and clunky already.’

‘How we can say what we need to say in half as many words?’


Six demons of creative blockage and how to exorcise them

Or, how to equip yourself with your very own content 'round tuit'... 

Rather like other people’s dreams and holiday snaps, there’s something inherently yawn-inducing about other people’s novel-writing plans. So I won’t bore you with mine, which I have been going on about to friends for over 20 years now.


Five more examples of interesting content from ‘boring’ businesses

The response to my previous six examples of interesting content from ‘boring’ businesses suggested that we’d touched on a real challenge for many businesses, especially those in niche markets and in B2B.

So here are some more examples of apparently unsexy businesses that have come up with interesting ideas and executions to turn the story of what they do into content that users can get engaged by…


What's your unfair content advantage?

Every business, if you look hard enough, has an unfair advantage. The trick is to find yours and work it for all its worth.

Here are six ways that businesses can make the most of what they've got...