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dan barker

I'm an independent consultant.

Over the last 10 years I've worked on the web: client-side, agency-side & freelance (& loved every minute of all three!)

From coding small sites to managing e-marketing for a $multi-billion blue chip.

Ecommerce in the UK post-Brexit: Positives, negatives & opportunities

I am in a slightly odd position when it comes to Britain's exit from the European Union.

Among the various roles I currently hold, most will be strongly impacted by Brexit in one way or another:


Six thoughts on Google's 'mobile-friendly' search announcement

Google has announced that from April 21st it will be 'expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal'.

Here are a handful of thoughts and recommendations on some actions you may want to take around that.

These are not designed to be comprehensive, but hopefully to cover some of the areas other blog posts may not.

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Fenwick: 10 tips for a potential ecommerce giant

Why would a department store close its online store while building a new one?

And, having done that, what should the company do to make sure the relaunch maximises the opportunity?

Here are 10 suggestions for one particular retailer doing exactly that.


How many web users are unaware of Google's PPC ads?

Did Google make £3.768bn from users who had no idea they were being advertised to?

Here's a study of 2,000 people where we try to find the answer to that question & more.

You may remember two studies which found that 40% of people did not understand that Google ads were ads in 2013, and that 36% still don't understand this in 2014.

These were researcher-led user tests, of around 100 people each, led by Bunnyfoot.

During the tests, at the end of a scenario based around a Google search, users were asked the question "Recall any ads?".


The content strategy behind The Guardian's NSA/Edward Snowden uberstory

The Guardian, traditionally seen as a 'UK news' organisation, has controlled the US news agenda over the last week with a story about an NSA leak.

This post looks at some of the Content Strategy decisions behind this success.


Jaeger's ecommerce site deconstructed: 5,000 words in 17 key areas

Jaeger has relaunched its ecommerce site for the second time in 12 months.

It's slightly unusual for a brand to do that: relaunching is a big, complicated, risky, time-consuming task, so most retailers tend only to relaunch every few years (often less, sometimes never).


Learn to code: make your own Bitly interface in two minutes

In this blog post, you will learn to code your own bitly user interface in just two minutes. (caveat: this depends on how fast you can copy/paste!).

The post contains ten steps to build your own bitly interface, a ready-made example, a simple explanation of how it all works!


The 68 tracking technologies used by large news sites

You're probably aware that almost every website you visit tracks your behaviour in one way or another.

This post looks at which third-party tracking technologies the UK's largest news sites use.


Useful e-commerce trends: the promo strip

This post highlights a simple, useful feature that's crept onto most of the UK's largest e-commerce sites over the last couple of years, with no real coverage. 

"The promo strip" is not new, but has slowly caught on to the point it's almost standard for high street retailers, yet still fairly rare on smaller sites. 

promo strip

It's a very useful addition from both the customer perspective (quickly informative without being overbearing) and from the brand perspective (conversion orientated without being overbearing!). 

There are 12 examples below, including variations on the central idea.


How to steal some 'not provided' data back from Google

Google's recent introduction of SSL encryption for search queries from logged in users means that a lot of valuable data has now gone missing from Google Analytics.

This post explains a useful Google Analytics hack to regain some of the insight we used to have, and improve life for you in light of the '(not provided)' issue.