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Daniel Guest

Daniel is R-cubed’s chief inventor… he can usually be found tinkering with fresh technology, working closely with our clients and partners to create faster, smarter ways of doing things.

Having earned his extensive marketing stripes on both client and supplier sides Daniel is credited with many innovations in the marketing world. When not inventing, Daniel is also focused on helping promote the ground breaking work of the other data scientists.. and tweaking R-Bot.

The undead customer: reviving the ghosts & zombies on your website

Is your website haunted by strange apparitions? You may not know it, but right now you have an army of ghosts, zombies and vampires creeping across your website.

In this blog we reveal their true identities and how to harness their strange powers.

Like a scientific data-driven ghost-buster, if you will.


What Netflix has taught us about personalisation

There are many great examples of how Netflix uses data to personalise user experience.

However, the real lesson for marketers is less obvious and has more to do with the underlying ‘value exchange’ taking place.


Right message, right person, right now: four steps to delight customers in real time

The marketer’s dream of getting the right message to the right person at the right time is now not only a reality, but for many the right time has become ‘right now’.

In the third post on real time customer intelligence we examine four steps to delight customers in the ’live contact zone’.

Real time customer data - ready to eat?

Real time customer data: ready to eat?

In our first post 'real time customer intelligence, right here, right now?' we raised the idea that some savvy marketers have been getting the right message to the right person at the right time for years – we call them ‘Shopkeepers’. 

But the ‘recent’ explosion of marketing channels has brought about some fairly complex challenges that even our friendly shopkeeper would struggle with.

So how in today’s connected world can we serve and delight thousands of smart customers on different channels and different devices all at the same time?

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Real time customer intelligence, right here, right now?

For decades the mantra of getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time has echoed down the halls of marketing agencies and clients alike. Are we now closer than ever to turning this honourable goal into a reality?

In this series of four posts, we explore the reality behind real time customer intelligence and what it actually means for businesses struggling to keep up with today's ‘Smart Customers’.