Author: Daniel Waisberg

Daniel Waisberg

Daniel Waisberg is the Analytics Advocate at Google, where he is responsible for fostering Google Analytics by educating and inspiring Online Marketing professionals. Both at Google and his previous positions, Daniel has worked with some of the biggest Internet brands to measure and optimize online behavior. Daniel is also the Founder of

Five digital analytics tips for SMBs

The phrase of the day is 'Big Data', everyone talks about how it can boost your business and make you a successful organization.

But how can big data help a small business? Can you still use it to drive decisions and optimize your business?

The answer is: yes you can! In this post I will provide a few tips that can help SMBs to get up and running with data analytics.  

Google Analytics up and running

How to get up and running with Google Analytics in six steps

In Chinese culture the number six represents wealth, and it is thought to be good for business.

For this reason I chose the six most important actions you should take in order to get Google Analytics up and running properly.

I tried to provide tips on both configuring and using the tool, as both are extremely important.