Author: Danny Chadburn


Is duplication the sincerest form of flattery?

On one of my regular rambles through Wikipedia, I recently came across the Joke Theft entry. It's an interesting read covering joke origins, examples of some fiery comedic feuds, and a South Park reference. I think approximately 43% of Wikipedia articles include a South Park reference.

It discusses how, as the popularity of comedy increased in the 80s and 90s, the first person to tell a joke on some form of media became the one associated with it. And an essential part of finding something funny is the element of surprise - once you've heard a joke, the punch line is rarely as chucklesome the second time around. 

Using material concocted by one of your peers is, in any business, seen as a seriously unfunny faux pas.

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Removing the 'F' word from your brand guidelines

Take a few seconds to minimise this window (careful now, don't close it!) and find an electronic version of your brand guidelines.

If you don't have any or they're buried deep in the darkest reaches of your company filing system, you should be able to find one from your favourite company with a quick Google, or here's a few to pick from.

Open it, hit ctrl-f and type the word 'fun'. How many instances did it uncover?

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Should brands comply with new press regulations?

Do you have a website? Is there a way you can put content on it so that it can be seen by the general populous? Congratulations, you're a publisher!

It’s quite a responsibility when you consider the Royal Charter on press regulation currently being debated by the media powerhouses and the upper echelons of Government.


Making your content go primetime

We all get excited when we have something new to show off, making sure everyone notices and mentions the haircut you've just paid a small fortune for, or strategically leaving your shiny new phone on the corner of your desk so everyone who passes can coo accordingly.

When you've finally jumped through the necessary hoops to get the go-ahead for a piece of content, is it always the best idea to open the floodgates to let everyone see what you've made right away?

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Splashing out on your content XI

You might've noticed a certain distractedness in your friends and colleagues recently. You may have even picked up that this happens every year around this time.

It's squeaky-bum time, the end of the football season, and it matters...a lot.

This is when the trophies are decided, when you get to find out if you'll be making away trips next year to Villa Park or Vale Park, if your season might be extended into the play-offs and a potential make or break trip to Wembley.

Are you going to be able to claim bragging rights over your local rivals or have months of trying to change the subject every time the beautiful game comes up in conversation?

When you’re putting together an enticing online proposition and battling against the key competitors in your industry, is the content on your website pushing your business towards glory or are you in danger of relegation?