Author: Dave Littlechild

Dave Littlechild

Dave demonstrates huge passion for helping his clients succeed in their goals, reduce costs and show enormous growth in ROI. Through demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of how to tie together digital marketing channels and strategies by maximize data use and engagement, he has helped ensure his clients are on the winning side.

As part of the startup team with Adestra; a leading ESP, over the past 7 years, as the business grew, Dave worked across most functions within the business from account management/ account director, strategy consultant, operations management, project management and consultative sales functions; both in account development and new business acquisition, and in a combination of direct selling and managing various sales teams. His last role was as Sales Director.

Dave has experience in working with clients on both a tactical and strategic level and an in-depth understanding of practical application of email marketing tools and other digital technologies along with an intrinsic drive to improve data management. This has helped his clients to help increase revenue and reduce costs.

Five email tips to consider across different stages of a customer lifecycle

I’ll be teaching Econsultancy's upcoming Email Marketing Training Course, so thought I’d drop over a few ideas as a quick preview of some the areas we’ll cover.

Here are five tips across different stages of a relationship cycle to consider within your email marketing process. We'll cover the tips in more detail on the course with examples of how you can integrate into your current, or future email programs.

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To use or not to use personalisation in email marketing

I came across a controversial article that caught my attention the other day.  It was a statement. "People hate email that names them."

The intended focus of the article was to suggest to startups that they shouldn’t be starting their emails with Dear [Name] because a study by the Fox School of Business had apparently found that 95% of people responded negatively to emails that greeted them.