Author: David Fothergill

David Fothergill

I'm a search marketer with a wealth of experience in Paid Search, Conversion Optimization & Web Analytics. As a Project Director at SEM agency QueryClick my main focus is working with clients of all sizes to ensure that their marketing activities are of a strategic nature and deliver the optimal return-on-investment.

I have managed search marketing accounts for clients in over 25 countries and a similar number of languages, in verticals including retail, finance, travel & the entertainment industry.

Being a graduate in Mathematics (BS c) I'm an advocate of the power of numbers within marketing, but realises that any analysis only has value when it is tied to business goals and is insightful enough to improve the marketing strategy.

Vintage Forecasting

Forecasting traffic and sales: an introduction

A high proportion of professionals in the digital marketing field will have needed to, or have been asked to, forecast things such as expected revenue or traffic at one time or another.

In my role managing PPC campaigns, I've generally done this for existing projects I've been working on, but also when pitching for new business.

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Three important considerations for mobile PPC success

As has been the case for the past while, the start of a new year brings a whole host of predictions, rich with content about the importance of mobile (thankfully, this year we avoided the dreaded 'year of mobile' proclamations).  

For PPC campaigns this year, one of the key challenges will be ensuring that the opportunity for increased sales via mobile traffic is efficiently and profitably taken.

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A step-by-step guide to RLSA and dynamic remarketing

The practice of remarketing has become increasingly common over the last couple of years, and a number of leading display marketing companies have developed some pretty advanced, highly tailored solutions for their customers.  

These are already helping many businesses achieve prolonged engagement with users who have shown intent on a given site.

Over the past few weeks Google has released some extremely useful new tools which help get closer to the competition's offering, and open up sophisticated features to advertisers, no matter what the budget size.