Author: Grant Whiteside

Grant Whiteside

Grant Whiteside, one of the original founders of Ambergreen, has immersed himself in search since its inception in the late nineties.

A pioneer of organic and paid search techniques, Grant understands that search does not work in a vacuum and is inextricably linked to offline.  Search has always moved at a million miles an hour in a digital world where ten years is lived in ten months.

Social media optimisation and universal search have created enormous opportunities as user generated content reveals the new face of online PR and a fresh approach to user reviews, content and opinion.

Google AdWords: When the going gets tough, do the rules get going?

Google seems to make it up as they go along, according to how its financial sheet looks at the time...

Back in October, Google announced that it was lifting restrictions on gambling, which opened the floodgate for the gambling companies that had since 2004 been left to look at alternatives to PPC to drive traffic to their sites.

However, as Google’s profits took a little slip, they lightened up.


Where should I put my digital marketing budget?

With business trying to work out where they should be spending their marketing budgets, everyone is ready to suggest a channel for them to invest their money.

Here are some suggestions on where to redistribute digital marketing budgets when times are tight...


Why advertisers are missing a trick in social media

Users have the real power to make or break a brand’s campaign, simply by ignoring it.

One of the first questions you need to ask is: "Who do you want to reach through your campaign and what's in it for them?"