Author: Dorian Sweet

Dorian Sweet

A marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in advertising and over 15 in online advertising, web development and emerging media. Always keeping an eye on trends, counter-trends and non-trends as an industry thought leader, creative strategist channel agnostic collaborator to advertising, marketing and commerce. A student and observer of human factors issues and future behaviors in video, social marketing, rich media advertising and commerce as a columnist and commenter on such publications as Clickz, Adweek, Adage, WSJ, NYT and other publications. As a speaker at industry events and on various trade and national publications regarding strategic, behavioral and conceptual aspects of creativity and it's role in creating online experiences.

10 digital predictions for 2011

Last year was a transitional year for most of the industry and now the traction of these changes are likely to take hold on the cold hard surface of consumer engagement.

Not to foreshadow any impending doom, but many of us are likely to see elemental change happen faster in this coming year than ever. And though it appears I waited until after the year turned, I blame my iPhone alarm clock and its 2011 bug.


Why code is our new language

New technologies have a profound impact on our behavior. Is our next generation gap, or is it a humanity reset?


Agency - the new four letter word

madison avenueCreative Mad Men - and women - have resisted the tsunami of data-driven interactive products in the marketplace. The creation of an idea has become a lot more complicated. It's time for everyone to wake up.


The demise of the brand relationship

Brands are working harder than ever to decide what course to take to engage with their audiences' world and sell more. Many say brands need to evolve, but more signs are showing that a complete rebirth is a better bet.