Author: Doug Conely

Doug Conely

Doug Conely is Chief Strategy Officer at Exponential. Based in London, Doug joined in 2009 and is responsible for the product strategy and product operations of Exponential's Advertising Intelligence Platform.

Prior to Tribal Fusion Doug spent four years at Yahoo! in London. Initially in their European Strategy and M&A team he became increasingly involved in their online display activities and led the integration of Blue Lithium in Europe before moving into ad product strategy where he was responsible for behavioural targeting and building Yahoo’s store purchase data partnership with Nectar. 

Doug spent his early career in strategy consulting and corporate finance working primarily in technology, media and telecommunications after receiving a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge University.

Engagement is a better route to campaign accuracy than big data alone

It still surprises me that audience engagement remains overlooked as a key metric for campaign success, because focusing on engagement helps align all players in the market and satisfies both marketer goals and consumer needs.

Why is that? Well, for advertisers, having pricing options that are tied to consumer engagement rather than impressions ensures that we're only paying for ads that are seen and engaged with.


Five tips for successful mobile advertising in 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, it's a good time to reflect on “what worked” with mobile advertising this year and to summarize the successful strategies you should be looking at in 2016.


Five tips to maximise time spent with online video

My last article explored the best way to design the video ad teaser experience, this time we’ll consider the full engagement video experience.


Four practical tips to engage people with teaser video ads

As consumer attention increasingly becomes a finite resource, how do you get people to spend more time with your video ads?


The Internet of Things: a cautionary tale for brands

The belief that the world is moving towards an Internet of Things has never been stronger.

The IAB’s recent Mobile Engage was entirely focused on this idea of the connected future. However, brands should be cautious of advertising on the so-called IoT.


Six reasons to care about [interactive] video attention

In my recent Econsultancy blog I argued why it’s more important to plan online video campaigns to get consumers to spend more time with the brand rather than to optimise Gross Rating Points.

The article provided an overview of why attention should be the focus so I’ll now go into more detail about exactly why it’s important and the role interactive video plays in this.

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GRPs vs. time spent: the great Atlantic divide

At a recent IAB UK video event I asked the audience whether it was more important to plan online video campaigns to optimise Gross Rating Points or to get consumers to spend more time with the brand. 

What was the answer and why would it be different in the US?

Over 80% said time, or attention, was more important, yet at a US equivalent I'd expect exactly the reverse. So, who's right?

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Viewable impressions: sense prevails in trading on 'viewability' in online display advertising

Late last year, the Media Rating Council (MRC) said it would be premature for online advertising to transact on 'viewable impressions'.

The findings of our own research show why we couldn't agree more.

'Viewability' was a hot topic in online display in 2012 and that looks set to continue this year. Ad Age put out an article a couple of weeks ago about viewability with the subtitle “lots of debate, little action”.

But, while viewable impressions as a measurement metric make sense in theory, the practical application is complicated and potentially dangerous to the short-term health of the industry for both sellers and buyers.