Author: Douglas Orr

Douglas Orr

Having worked in product marketing and sales in North America, Australia and Sweden, I started my first company, Allegro, in 1995 in Oslo. 

Within 5 years, Allegro, was the leading distributor of high-end data storage SW and HW across the Nordic region. Sold to Guardian IT(Sungard) in 2001, I came to the UK as part of post-sale integration process. Subsequently became involved in Angel and VC investment activities. 

Cogenta began as an investment and became a full-time engagement. it's been an exciting journey from start-up to a leading position with our B2B pricing solution NetPrice and our consumer products, Sccope. 

Eight reasons why 2011 is the year of mobile commerce

There are anticipated technologies that, despite capturing the imagination of technophiles, analysts and journalists, seem to just never arrive as soon as one expects or hope.  

Mobile commerce and mobile wallets are good examples. Year after year, the vision and ambition are strong but the execution and usage is weak. However, there are a number of reasons to expect that 2011 is the year that a tipping point in the use of mobile phones as the ultimate shopping enabler becomes reality.