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Newspapers battle each other for advertisers, could online publishers do the same? published an interesting article last Friday that highlights just how competitive it's getting in the newspaper world as newspapers struggle to not only survive the woes of their industry, but struggle to survive a tough economic environment.


Should you start a business in today's recession?

As the woes of the global economy have deepened and it's clear that we're in for some tough times that will likely be prolonged, there's still no shortage of people encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses.

"Many great businesses were started in bad economies!" they proclaim. And they're right. Great businesses have been started in the toughest of times.


Google makes search more social with SearchWiki

Google, a company that has built its success in search on the back of a superior search algorithm, is looking to humans as it makes search a bit more social with the launch of SearchWiki.


The Web Week in Review

As we've been reminded recently, there are few guarantees in life. Except the end of the week and The Web Week in Review. So here we go (again).

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The information overload threat and opportunity

According to a study recently released by Yahoo, UK internet users are suffering from information overload.

As reported by the Association of Online Publishers UK, the study, which is entitled "Return on Attention," found that 70% of users "admitted to spending hours sifting through unwanted or irrelevant information."


VCs taking in more than they're producing

The notion that the business of venture capital is broken is one that I've discussed multiple times before.

In short, I (and many others) have observed a major problem with venture capital in recent times - too many VCs with too much money chasing too few "good" opportunities.


Could online ad spending drop by 40%?

Nick Denton, the owner of the blog "empire" Gawker Media, has some advice for ad-supported online businesses: prepare for the market to get much, much worse.


Has YouTube discovered the solution to its monetization woes?

Google's challenges in monetizing the world's most popular online video service, YouTube, are well-known.


The Web Week in Review

Few things are certain in today's crazy world but the weekend is one of them. So without further ado, here's this week's The Web Week in Review.

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Microsoft looks to its own app store

Everybody is jumping on the "app store" bandwagon.

The model that Apple has used quite successfully with the iPhone is being adopted by the makers of the Blackberry, RIM; and Google will be offering an app store of its own for Android applications.

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MySpace prepares for launch of virtual payment system

MySpace may be the top social network when it comes to monetization, but with revenues apparently falling short of expectations, it's looking for new ways to make money.

At the Web 2.0 Summit last week, COO Amit Kapur announced that MySpace will be launching a virtual payment and gift system that enables it to earn real cash by selling virtual goods to its users.

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Glam - your payment is on the way, just give us a few months

Glam Media, a vertical content and ad network, has told some of its publishers that, starting November 1, 2008, they'll need to wait a little bit longer for the payments they're due.

In letters to its publishers, Glam stated that it "anticipates a significant slow down in collection payments from advertisers."