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Duncan is a seasoned Internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketing expert. He sold his first internet company at the age of 21 and has gone on to build up popular media properties such as Travel Library which was acquired by TripAdvisor, an operating company of Expedia, Inc and which was recently acquired by GCAP Media PLC.

As founder and Managing Director of eConversions, he has grown the company into one of the UK's largest super affiliates with a multi-million pound turnover. eConversions provide competitive advantage within the paid search space to leading advertisers including Dell, Expedia, and The Guardian. Their publishing division has recently launched which is now one of the UK's largest money saving web site and has been profiled by the BBC, The Times, The Sun and many more. They are now hard at work on a their new site due to launch later this year.

Does local need to be a portal?

The re-launch of Yahoo! Local in the US this week saw the search giant try to regain its footing in the battle for local traffic by firmly aiming to position itself as a major local portal.


Is mobile search set to take off?

The release of Google Maps Mobile last week in the UK got a distinct lack of coverage, yet it is a tool that underpins the huge opportunities for local mobile search.

These are currently drastically under-exploited - indeed, local mobile search is where the real value of mobile search lies, i.e. search in relation to your physical location.


Google's local search battle cry

Local is getting hotter by the day. More people are using search to find local businesses, and the Kelsey Group seems to report on a new potential value ($31.1bn in 2010) of the local search industry each week.

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Calculating the perfect affiliate CPA

Calculating a competitive CPA is an incredibly important part of any successful affiliate programme and yet it's one of the first hurdles merchants fall at.

With more and more companies launching affiliate programmes, there is a huge amount of choice for affiliates, and if you expect them to promote your programme over your competitors, you need to set the right CPA and continually review it.


Seven tips for recruiting paid search professionals

Recruiting paid search professionals can be a painful experience. Whether you're an agency specialising in search or a company looking to bring it in-house, the demand for paid search professionals has never been greater.

In these market conditions it’s easy to panic and jump on the first candidate who’s heard of Adwords, but there is another way.