Author: Edward Cowell

Edward Cowell

Have worked in the search marketing industry since around 1998, doing search engine optimisation (SEO) for the likes of Justtheflight, CNET, the Guardian, London Stock Exchange, and around 100-500 other business websites in that time. Now lead the team of project managers, link builders and enterprise search optimisers at Guava UK (Previously Neutralize (*\*) ) , and am regular speaker at search engine marketing events (SES, Internet World, Search Marketing World, Chinwag, E-consultancy Supplier Showcases and Roundtables). I have a deep knowledge of paid and organic search, and enjoy architecting creative and innovative SEO solutions for business websites.

Guava is a pan-european online marketing agency listed on the First North OMX stock exchange; within the UK we have a strong bias towards search engine marketing (paid and organic). We help increase website traffic via search engine optimisation, and performance based advertising techniques such as Pay Per Click search engine advertising.

What's the risk if Google fails? A real world example

Yesterday at around 16:28 for a portion of the UK, Google's servers and services became unavailable...entirely unavailable.

This meant there was no Google Search, YouTube, Doubleclick, Adsense, Google Analytics, and no Gmail.  What's the impact?