Author: Ben Staveley

Ben Staveley

Is Starbucks at the forefront of mobile?

With the introduction of payment via mobile and a new and updated app, is this a new mobile era for Starbucks?

What opportunities are there for other retailers to follow suit?


What is replatforming and why is it important?

Online technologies move at a frightening pace, and it is a big problem for businesses that operate online and that want to keep up with the latest new trend or technique.


Stop being Flash and embrace open web standards

The noughties have been a good to the world of the web. Open standards and a philosophy of interoperability have led to widespread adoption of several languages which offer power without proprietary limits.

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E-commerce: focus on the details to keep the edge

With shopping on the high street often a nightmare of crowded stores, overfilled car parks and pricey petrol, the online equivalent is more appealing than ever for UK consumers. But etailers need to be careful as small details like delivery costs are still slowing the progress of uptake.

Back in 2008, a survey conducted by PayPal and comScore indicated that 43% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of unexpectedly high delivery charges. Meanwhile, 61% of online shoppers, according to Forrester Research, prefer to shop with retailers that offer free delivery.

Three years on and you can bet these stats will be even higher.


Seven tips for embracing social commerce

Social commerce is being tipped as one of this year’s major online growth areas.

With Groupon now officially the fastest growing company ever and retailers announcing new Facebook stores on a weekly basis, the tipping point seems to have been reached.