Author: Ambergreen Staff


We are a tight-knit (and perfectly formed) team of online pioneers.  We embraced online marketing – search in particular –before the birth of Google, and continue quietly (and consistently) to break new ground in our field. Ambergreen is a leading and well-renowned search marketing agency in the UK, creating bespoke internet marketing solutions for its clients since the company’s inception in 2001.

We love what we do.  We’re proud of what we achieve and the manner in which we go about our business.  We don’t dabble on the dark side, rather we embrace ‘best practice’ and then find ways to do it better, faster and more effectively.

While our background is in search, both natural and paid, our experience has developed us into comprehensive online marketers.  Search doesn’t exist in a vacuum; customers are customers no matter where they interact with a brand and our clients reap the benefits every day of embracing all-encompassing marketing strategies. 

Innovation in search: how Twitter is changing the way people search and engage

Companies, organisations and social media aficionados alike are discovering that Twitter is a great way to reach wide audiences though a long term investment in short sharp communication.