Author: Evan Dunn

Evan Dunn

The five fundamentals of data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing is super popular right now.

Topics that stem from it - like personalization, performance optimization and customer experience - dominate blogs and research.


Apple to launch iOS App Store Ads: An interview with Doubledown's Brett Patterson

Apple recently announced it will introduce search ads on the App Store in iOS, which will have a major impact on advertisers, and on the app world in general.

I contacted Brett Patterson, Retention & Search Marketing Manager for Doubledown Casino in Seattle, WA, who is an expert app marketplace advertiser, to discuss the news.


Quantitative marketing: You have enough data to improve performance. I promise.

"We don't have enough data."

This is a common refrain from brands as they begin to 'go digital' and launch more campaigns, but hesitate to deploy comprehensive analytics.

Or it's the line used to ward off assertions that advanced analytics could be the key to successful omnichannel marketing.


Digital Media in 2016: An Interview with HP's Ron Fusco

I recently had the chance to sit down with Ron Fusco to chat about digital media in 2016.

Ron leads marketing measurement strategy at HP, and he previously ran strategy & analytics at 3Q Digital in San Francisco.


Digital marketing incubation: How to develop a test & learn culture

It's no secret that it's hard for large organizations to create meaningful, harmonious digital experiences for their customers.

The constraints of legal, PR, YBO (Your Boss's Opinion) and sometimes plain old bureaucracy are, for many companies, incredibly limiting.


Social monitoring & listening: What is it and do you need it?

Social listening was once a novel technology, even as recently as two years ago.

Today, there are dozens of social listening and social monitoring software providers, each touting capabilities that vary wildly and generally sound like black-box, secret-sauce voodoo magic.