Author: Frank Lampen

Frank Lampen

Successful corporate-startup ventures. Pt 3: Keeping your organisation engaged

The final part of this series looks at how you can become a great partner to startups you partner with, and ensure that you keep your internal stakeholders happy.


Successful corporate-startup ventures. Pt 2: Doing the deal

In the last post, we looked at finding real mutual value in corporate–startup venturing linkups. In this post we’ll look at doing the deal in the right way.

Designing a deal structure which gets the value exchange, risk and rewards properly and fairly allocated is much more complex than many realise before embarking on the startup venture strategy.


Successful corporate startup ventures. Pt 1: Real mutual value

Corporate venturing is currently booming.

In this series of blog posts we’ll share what we've learned from our experience in creating partnerships between corporates and startups which deliver value to all sides.

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