Author: Gary J. Nix

Gary J. Nix

Gary is a marketing and branding strategist, specialist and enthusiast who currently uses his talents at Blue Fountain Media, a digital marketing agency in New York. His 16 years and counting of experience has spanned from traditional principles to digital implementation and he is becoming better known for documenting his findings most notably in the areas of email and social media marketing.

Before joining the team at Blue Fountain, Gary spent time working in the financial and lifestyle industries for magazine publishers that included SourceMedia and Condé Nast Publications. Prior to that, Gary took time educating himself about retail channels and event planning during a two-year stint at Macy's.

Otherwise, you can find Gary online conversing about all things marketing and branding in online chats such as #brandchat and attending conferences where he is patiently observing and learning to become a better panelist.

Rockin' Robin: Twitter's busy week

The social media blue birds have been working hard this week and it has resulted in: Twitter #music and keyword targeting for advertisers. 

These new services are proof positive that Twitter fully intends to grow into a formidable channel for both users and businesses as they look for new ways to collect consumer information while coupling that with ways to monetize in a less intrusive way.

Do you like the new news feed?

Facebook changes its look for U&I

The interwebs have been ablaze with news of Facebook’s newest change for a good week. Today, they made their official announcement about upcoming changes to the News Feed.

We knew it was coming, but what does it mean?

Super Bowl XLVII

The Super Bowl at a glance – socially speaking

If you didn't already know, on this side of the pond, the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal. With all of the hubbub around the commercials, halftime, parties, and happenings in the host city, it is also a time when the social web lights up even more than the game, no disrespect to the blackout.

So after being an active member of the second screen club, I decided to take a look at some of the preliminary numbers from one of the biggest events of the U.S. year.

Email Marketing

Email: the forgotten social network

When we think of social media in the US, we think of popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  

However, there is one that is often overlooked but is just as important in your integrated marketing mix: email.

Email marketing’s intent and the behavior it tries to produce is similar to the other social channels and this will prove why the rumors of email marketing’s demise are greatly exaggerated.