Author: Gina Roughan

Gina Roughan

How the London 2012 experience should shape your Rio 2016 social strategy

No brand social media team will be able to avoid the Olympics over the coming weeks.

But if you're in a last-minute panic, some tips I learned at the coalface in 2012 might be of help.


Mobile: A mindset, not just a handset

From the moment we wake until we hit the pillow for some post-Netflix shut-eye, our smartphones are within reach.

From gaming or reading on the commute, to ordering the weekly shop or tonight’s Deliveroo dinner, we (i.e. consumers) rely on our mobiles to provide relevant content and services exactly when we need them.


Four steps to help you own events on Twitter

As a marketer, when you see that watching a puddle in Newcastle has become the biggest event of the week, it’d be a natural reaction to throw your hands up and question the point of factoring in national days, sports happenings, awards ceremonies and the like when it comes to your brand’s annual content marketing calendar.

But as the 4.4m tweets accompanying the recent Golden Globes shows, events are digital content gold.


Five ways to build an effective social media newsroom

An agile ‘war room’ approach can set any brand up for success, and it no longer has to cost a bomb.


Why charities need true digital transformation

The days of a siloed approach to digital within charitable organisations and other not-for-profits are numbered.

In the modern world only the fully integrated will prosper for their cause.

Holding hands

Three ways community management drives loyalty for charities

Clever copywriting and agile newsjacking are important, but it’s those organisations embedding empathy into their social media mix who are seeing greater success.


How digital is driving the 2015 development agenda

The movement to influence the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed this autumn is now part of the global conversation, thanks to social.


Six ways to woo influencers to support your cause

Getting the right influencers on-side can give any social campaign a massive boost.

The past week saw a 2,119% growth in referral traffic from Twitter to the Prostate Cancer UK website. The trigger: a simple tweet from Stephen Fry.