Author: Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is editor in chief at SaleCycle and is a former editor of the Econsultancy blog. He has worked in the digital industry for more than ten years.

His pet topics include UX, CRO, and ecommerce in general. Add to that mobile, SEO, ill thought-out EU laws, the use of web technology offline, email marketing and that covers quite a bit. He has written several best practice guides on ecommerce and mobile, with more to come.

He can be found prattling-on on Twitter as @gcharlton.

30+ SEO tools to make your life easier

With the help of some SEO experts, I've compiled a list of useful tools to help with on-site optimisation, link analysis and more. 

While some of these tools are paid, the majority are free to use, or at least offer a limited service for free users. 


10 thrilling online marketing stats we've seen this week

This week's internet marketing stats include video marketing, wearable tech, Eurovision, and booze...


What should a good 'about us' page contain?

About us pages are easily overlooked, but they do perform a valuable role on websites: explaining your product or proposition in a way that visitors can easily understand. 

Here, I'll look what about us pages need to do, as well as some useful examples...


What is stock and flow content and how should you use it?

First coined by Robin Sloan, stock and flow is a useful way to talk about different content types and how you can use them in your marketing. 

Here I'll look at what stock and flow is, some examples, and how it can be used effectively. 


Is Google being too easy on mobile sites with desktop pages?

Google's recent mobile friendly update gave brands a big reason to optimise for mobile, but is it being tough enough? 

There are plenty of sites which are just part-mobile. They may have mobile friendly homepages and other pages, but will often switch users to desktop pages which do not work well on mobile. 

Here are some examples... 


How healthy is your content strategy? A Q&A with Dr Mike Baxter

This week sees the publication of our new Implementing Content Strategy: Digital Best Practice report, which was written by Dr Mike Baxter. 

I spoke to Mike about the report, the types of content which should be used at each stage in the funnel, and how the 70/20/10 rule can be applied to content strategy... 


How should ecommerce brands be using content?

Ecommerce brands have embraced content marketing over the past couple of years. 

Of course some, like Net-A-Porter, have used content effectively long before it became a buzzword. 

However, while some are using content well, others just seem to be ticking boxes and failing to incorporate content fully. 

In this post, I'll look at how ecommerce brands should be using content, and some of the mistakes to avoid. 


12 useful content marketing examples from ecommerce brands

How are ecommerce brands using content marketing? 

In this post, I'll look at some examples from retailers which show how it can be done. 


Start Me Up! A profile of GoWashMyCar

GoWashMyCar is an online marketplace which provides mobile car washing services. 

I've been asking the team about the business model, and its future plans... 


19 must-have features for mobile product pages

Designers of mobile product pages have a tough job.

They need to present much of the same information as on desktop, but adapt to the limitations of the device. 

I've put together a checklist of what I think are the most crucial elements to include on mobile product pages...


What does the ideal click and collect service look like?

Click and collect has now become a must have for online retailers and it isn't just restricted to the multichannels. 

So what does the perfect click and collect experience look like? Here are some examples and ideas from retailers... 


Google's mobile friendly algorithm: four early test results

Google's 'mobile friendly' update came into effect recently and I have some early data showing the possible effects of the changes. 

For example, Barclays' mobile-optimised homepage ranks well, but its non-optimised pages have dropped in the search rankings. 

Here are a few other test cases...