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What will the end of BPF mean for advertisers?

Believe it or not, there once was a time when Google still had to convince large advertisers that online marketing (and more specifically search engine marketing) was a very cost-effective channel to acquire customers.  

Initially Google provided discount to advertising agencies to encourage the adoption of its Adwords platform but in 2006, since this model wasn’t really fair towards other advertisers, Google replaced it with the Best Practice Funding (BPF) Programme.


The Google Trademark change – will it level the playing field?

Probably one of the most material and controversial changes for the UK and Irish paid search markets is almost upon us – the relaxation of the trademark protection Google currently affords to brands will cease on 5 May 2008.

As Ivan Izikowitz writes, some analysts and industry experts have taken the cynical view that this is merely a way for Google to stimulate volume and/or increased prices at a time when its revenue growth is slowing.

There is another perspective, however…


Five tips for online fashion stores

Leon Bailey Green gives fashion retailers five tips to think about for increasing revenue and sales.


Putting customers in charge of your communications

Many companies are still losing customers because they don’t know what they want, writes Marc Morris.


5 ways campaign websites can enhance their online presence

Leon Bailey and Jonathan Hirshler look at how five of the UK’s most popular campaign groups can enhance their online visibility and presence. 


Achieving an ROI from marketing

Marketing departments need to come out of their comfort zones and start demonstrating their impact on the bottom line, writes James Harrison.


Has Converse marketed its Century milestone online?

Last week I attended the Converse Century party to celebrate the brand’s hundredth birthday. 

Is Converse making full use of online PR, and which SEO techniques should such a big brand be using?


Victoria Beckham's SEO - fashion or music?

According to rumours Victoria Beckham wanted the Spice Girls tour to finish early so she could concentrate on her fashion career.

Does her online PR suggest she’s a WAG, musician or fashion icon? What can she do to turn it her way?


cScape's Richard Sedley on digital and the economy

Since speaking at last year's Online Marketing Masterclass, cScape's Customer Engagement Director Richard Sedley has been rather busy writing a book: “Winners and Losers in a Troubled Economy: How to use online customer engagement to gain a competitive advantage."

Here, we ask him to explain his views on why the internet may be a safe(r) haven for marketers during recessionary times...


Can private sales work in online fashion?

Can online private fashion sales work in the UK? Leon Bailey asks how one goes about marketing such websites.


If you were me would you make any money?

I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently to play around in the MMO world but I follow the, err, 2.0 space pretty closely.

There were a couple things that caught my eye this week and are both somewhat troubling.

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12 tips for Xmas email campaigns

Tink Taylor of dotMailer  has compiled a checklist of 12 tips for 'Effective Email Marketing this Xmas' - all of which look like good things to think about at any point in the year.

We list them after the jump...