Author: Guy Hanson

Guy Hanson

Guy has been working in the email marketing industry for the past decade. He is a passionate advocate for the intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive email programs, and has developed this knowledge to become one of theUK’s leading e-marketing experts. Guy is also an established member of the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Marketing Council, with a primary focus on legal, data and best practice issues.

Prior to joining Return Path, Guy headed up the email and digital division of one of the UK’s leading marketing services companies, and built-up extensive experience through his hands-on involvement with highly successful email programs for blue-chip brands such as Pizza Express, Exxon Mobil and Renault.

gdpr iceberg

How marketers are navigating GDPR compliance creatively

With GDPR finally enforced, marketers are now legally bound to handle, process and store personal data much more securely and transparently.

The regulations are putting consumers back in the driving seat by giving them control over their data, and the marketing communications they receive as a result of sharing that data. 

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Valentine’s Day campaigns show email turn-offs

After my Valentine’s Day analysis of online dating sites and what’s so great about their email, I decided to compare their performance around the holiday to a sample of retail marketers to measure the effectiveness of these sorts of big seasonal marketing drives.

Online dating sites aren’t the only ones who use Valentine’s Day to implement a big marketing push.

Retailers selling products like chocolates, flowers and gift cards also stepped up their game (and their email activity) to capitalise on the most romantic day of the year.


Love is in the air… but not always in the inbox

Valentine’s Day is a difficult one for single people, and a great many of the UK’s 15m singles turn to online dating sites to find a special someone with whom to spend the evening.

Research suggests that there are 24m first dates in the UK each year,  of which 69% are arranged through online dating.

As a result, online dating is an enormously competitive market, and sites must send relevant, engaging email that perfectly matches their subscribers’ wants and needs.