Author: Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor

Heather leads the development of global practice content as well as delivering social strategy for clients and new business development. Based in our New York City headquarters, she is a key member of the global team at Social@Ogilvy - Ogilvy’s social media marketing and communications practice.  The world’s largest network of social media strategists, the team believes in the power and impact of truly integrated social media business solutions.

She has developed and executed social media and communications strategy for PayPal UK, giffgaff, and the BBC. Most recently, Heather was the North American Editorial Director for Econsultancy, a global online publication for digital marketers with a monthly audience of over half a million readers. At the BBC, Heather brought 60 corporate websites into one central award winning site and trained over 200+ communications staff on crisis communications in social media. As social media lead at PayPal UK, she developed a social media platform for consumers (integrating audio, video and written content) alongside an integrated Lithium forum managed by the PayPal customer service team, a first for PayPal globally. Heather has recently been included as one of the voices of Microsoft's Business Reimagined in 2013.

Heather’s most successful foray into social media came after the London riots, when she amassed over 500 people in South London to clean their streets. This group, branded the Broom Army, hit front papers around the world and Heather was awarded a Local Heroes award for her efforts. Her twitter handle is: @HeatherATaylor

Cannes Lions day four: with great power comes great responsibility

As Cannes stretches into day four, the content keeps coming. Today feels like the audience and panels are questioning the mix between work and play.

Do we continue on with an extended adolence or do we buckle down and think work, work, work?

Olgivy & Mather's Worldwide Editorial Director, Jeremy Katz, has highlighted the top four things you need to know from Cannes from today.

Are these surprising to you or what you're already talking about round the water cooler.

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Cannes Lions day three: be sincere and embrace change

We hit the ground running on the third day of Cannes Lions and, though we're sick of hearing it, everyone is talking about content.

Real, sincere and personalized content that may change the way marketers work and how brands are precieved.

Jeremy Katz, Olgivy & Mather's Worldwide Editorial Director, gave us his top five takeaways from day three for those of us glued to Twitter to find out the latest from the south of France.

Cannes Lions Day 2 recap

Cannes Lions day two: go big or go home

As we move into day two of Cannes Lions, the conversation has shifted from quick bite size content to thinking big and preparing for the posibilty of huge opportunities.

Our man on the ground, Jeremy Katz, Olgivy & Mather's Worldwide Editorial Director, gave us his top four takeaways from day two for those of us watching from the sidelines.


Cannes Lions day one: change the world...but make it fast

Cannes Lions, the most prestigious international creative communications awards festival, kicked off this week showcasing more than 34,000 entries from around the world.

Major brands and agencies battle it out each year in June to win one of the highly-coveted Lion trophies presented at four award ceremonies throughout the week.

The Social@Ogilvy team is on the ground at Cannes, gathering insight into what some of the key messages are during this seven day festival.

Here are four insights from day one highlighting what some of the top minds in the advertising and marketing worlds are thinking about in 2013.