Author: Jacob Ajwani

Jacob Ajwani

Jacob Ajwani is a serial startup executive, scaling adoption & utilization of Offermatica, Omniture, Adobe and Cognitive Match.  He is enamored with bringing to market tools that have tremendous impact on the KPIs of online marketers. 

These endeavors include: pioneering behavioral targeting solutions and A/B testing strategies for Fortune 1000s clients, among them Audi, Steve Madden, Ameriprise, Autotrader, Disney and Conde Nast (Glamour, Lucky, Wired).

Cognitive Match is a technology that easily bolts-onto media buys for the benfit of optimizing creative to visitor profile.  Cognitive Match is on a mission to eliminate generic display ads through delivering relevant ads via audience modeling, machine learning and crunching big data.

2014 predictions from the New York tech community

2013 turned out to be a monumental year for ecommerce.

Twitter, Rocket Fuel and Criteo IPOed. Online sales closed at record highs, with more and more transactions taking place by consumers on smartphones and tablets. committed to become one of the early adaptors of Bitcoin as a method of payment. And in an economy traditionally dominated by finance and real estate, tech has become New York City’s second largest sector, cementing its status as Silicon Alley.

So what’s new for 2014? I asked my friends in New York’s digital community to share their predictions of how the marketers’ world may be affected as it relates to global ecommerce trends, mobile’s continued prowess, and emerging acquisition strategies. Here’s what they had to say.

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How Hugo Boss and Virgin Atlantic can improve their retargeting

Most marketers are sitting on a gold mine of big data that goes unused.

In January, I kicked off a series outlining how to construct agnostic marketing strategies around dormant data, specifically about personalizing the onsite experience based on purchase patterns.  

This installment evaluates two brands I’m very fond of, Hugo Boss and Virgin Atlantic, and outlines opportunities their retargeting programs are not capitalizing on.


Retail marketers: how to turn data into cash

Most retailer marketers are sitting on a mine of unused big data. This kicks off a series of how-to-guides for constructing agnostic strategies around big data for the purpose of improving conversion.

Big Data has saturated the news cycle in 2012. But what exactly is big data, who is using it and how can your brand apply it?