Author: James Matthewson

James Matthewson

A digital consultant of 13 years experience working with brands such as Cadbury, CORGI, Experian, Barclays & many more!#

International speaker and trainer on digital marketing. Training course tutor for e-Consultancy's digital qualification programme, as well as public courses such as Online Media Planning & Buying.

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The importance of integrated multichannel marketing

Integration and Multichannel are words on the lips of almost every marketer in the world.  Whether you are an offline marketer or digital marketer, developing integrated, multichannel marketing campaigns is now a critical element of planning and strategy, but the skill-sets to be able to do this effectively are often lacking. 

In Econsultancy's course on 'Multichannel Marketing', I'll be exploring how integration really works and how to plan, execute and measure campaigns in a multichannel environment. Read this extract below of some of the themes that are discussed in the course.