Author: Jamie Riddell

Jamie Riddell

Jamie is one of the UK's most experienced and successful digital marketing experts.

Now at the forefront of social media insights, Jamie has created BirdSong Social Media Reconnaissance, delivering on demand social media insights to a global audience.

Jamie is an active builder of digital marketing companies, currently growing two companies, advising and investing in others.

User Generated Content "Build it and they will come"

2006 has been a great year for 'web 2.0' with the continued rise of blogs, podcasts and social networks becoming more mainstream.

The rise of 'user generated content' has been seen by many companies, brands and marketers as a great opportunity to grow a site from nothing into a world beating website.

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Google – the ultimate marketing tool?

With more 'toys' in the lab, Google could soon know what we listen to, as well as all the other information they can track (searches, clicks etc).

Will this become the ultimate marketing tool or the ultimate privacy nightmare?