Author: Jeanniey Mullen

Jeanniey Mullen

Jeanniey Mullen is Global Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Zinio, the world’s most popular digital newsstand and publishing media marketplace. Mullen is known for her entrepreneurial style and her ability to build, shape and grow brands into well known dominant and successful entities. An early player in the digital space, Mullen is renowned as a pioneer in email, digital marketing, digital publishing and brand building. Her knack at being first in new markets gives her an edge. Today, she brings this extensive experience to bear at Zinio, defining and implementing strategies to create explosive growth through strategic partnerships with publishers, technology companies, brands and consumers. These initiatives have commanded monumental growth in her five year tenure. 

Jeanniey has authored and contributed to multiple books, blogs and magazine articles. She is a regular columnist for ClickZ, a blogger for Huffington Post and a frequent keynote speaker.

A serial networker, in 2005 Jeanniey founded the Email Experience Council, which was sold to the Direct Marketing Association in 2008. She currently sits on the International Executive Council of the Internet Marketing Association.

The year of content discovery?

You won’t have to travel far in this or any 2013 trend prediction piece to find that some of the most insightful thought leaders are proclaiming “content is King” when it comes to driving success in a digital world. I’m not buying that.

I don’t think content is King. I actually believe that we will in a digital world where convenience is King and content, is, in fact King Kong. And the link between the two is a powerful tool called Discovery. 

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