Author: Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne produced the world's first "Marketing on the Internet" seminar series in 1994. Today, Sterne is an internationally known speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs, Sterne focuses his twenty years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of a Web site as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Sterne has written five books including, "World Wide Web Marketing, 3rd Edition," "Customer Service on the Internet, 2nd Edition," "What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Internet," and "E-Mail Marketing". His most recent is "Web Metrics; Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success."

Sterne is also the producer of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit held in London and eight other cities around the world.

MythTech: the Holy Grail of marketing

And Lo, there shall come a time when marketing shall pervade the land. It will be of such relevancy, born of such creative talent that it will be welcome wherever it appears. It will be like meat unto the starving and drink unto the parched.


We were not accountants, we were statisticians

Web analysts brought forth the flame of online behavioral analysis and fanned those flames into a brilliance that shines a light on customer insight. And then they became accountants.

Turns out, that's a very good thing for all of us.


Total customer marketing data visualization

There is a data visualization instrument in Santa Barbara, California that will knock your socks off, knock you down with a feather and might just render you speechless.

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Context is king: especially in marketing metrics

Marketing metrics are so often delivered as raw numbers. They do not help. Gleaning meaning is the art of the analyst and it's not done nearly enough.


You Say, "Creepy." I Say, "That's What I Want"

Personalization vs. privacy. Behavioral targeting vs. big brother. When does it get creepy?

It's rare that I catch myself being a full-fledged consumer. I'm not talking about the guy who has not spent the last 25 years in sales and marketing - the guy who has not spent studying and writing books and lecturing about online marketing since 1993 - the guy who does not climb all over every random video to bask in the glory of the Old Spice Guy. But it happened again today.


My first US Econsultancy Roundtable - measurement & metrics

Having been to numerous Econsultancy Roundtables in London, I was chuffed (very pleased) that my schedule allowed me to participate in Econsultancy’s Measurement & Metrics Roundtable at the New World Headquarters in New York last Thursday.

It was quite different from those I'd attended in London...


Web Analytics Buyer's Guide: required reading

Econsultancy's Web Analytics Buyer's Guide is a refreshing signpost in a perplexing world of web analytics tools, tips and traps. Essential for those wanting to understand the industry and critical for those looking to invest.