Author: Joe Doveton


Joe Doveton is a highly experienced digital consultant and business leader with expertise in traffic driving disciplines (display advertising, social, SEO & PPC) and conversion (usability, MVT/AB testing) and an holistic approach to both. Joe runs the sales and strategy for the market leading international testing platform, GlobalMaxer. Joe speaks regularly on both sides of the Atlantic on UX and CRO issues, and is a regular blogger and contributor to assorted digital media websites and magazines.

European ecommerce: down the chunnel and into the funnel

As a Brit, it’s never been easier to get into Europe. The travel options alone are numerous: a cheap and cheerful flight, a choppy ferry journey from Dover to Calais, or a lazy train journey from St Pancras to Gare De Nord. 

But what about retail and more specifically ecommerce? The European ecommerce industry is booming and three countries lead ahead of the EU pack.

The UK is worth an impressive €96bn with Germany on €50bn and France €45 bn, totalling €191bn which represents 61% of the European ecommerce market. 

If you’re a retailer launching into the European market, how easy is it to tap into the continental customer base over the channel?