Author: John Gibb

John Gibb

John S. Gibb is a marketing consultant focusing in the B2B space. Previously, John was the US Marketing Director for Econsultancy, leading the company from it's beginning in 2009 through 2013. John is a marketing & audience development professional with over a decade of strategic experience that is recognized as visionary in the area of integrated marketing management, branding and marketing communications.

Best known for his expertise in developing and executing revenue-enhancing promotional campaigns for companies of all sizes, his ability to apply a proven strategy of analytical marketing and process improvement has consistently delivered the results needed for success.  

John’s skills and efforts have a solid track record of driving annual revenue growth for an array of organizations, while cutting costs and maximizing the value of every dollar spent.  John's biggest asset is his ability to deliver innovative marketing campaigns with measurable results on-time and on target. Working cross-functionally internally and externally makes John a valuable, reliable asset for any organization.

13 tips: the science of email marketing

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For those of you who missed it (and with 20,000 people registering for it I’m not sure who that may be) Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella’s “The Science of Email Marketing” was a reminder that testing and optimization are a core best practice which will ultimately drive the success of any email initiative.

Not that the webinar was focused on testing. Instead, takeaways were presented with the caveat “this may or may not be the case for you” ... which is another way of saying “test it and see what happens.”