Author: John Snyder


John Snyder is the CEO of Grapeshot, a global contextual intelligence provider in the ad-tech marketplace. John and Grapeshot are currently working with brands across continents as they adapt and adjust to impending GDPR regulation, using cookie-less contextual intelligence to enable audience reach and targeting at scale.

John has spent his whole career in the field of information retrieval and keyword technology, with a successful exit of the Muscat search business in 1997, and a series of investments in hi-tech start-ups. He holds a BA Honours degree from the University of Cambridge, where he remains “Entrepreneur in Residence”.

Grapeshot can be found tweeting here.


Why GDPR means it’s time to get to know your customers

The European Union is dishing up some tough love to brands and advertisers.

And the introduction of the GDPR is set to mark the most significant shift in how brands collect, use and store consumer data in 20 years. The rules for targeting consumers based on third-party data and cookie IDs are changing.