Author: Jonathan Lakin


As Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan is responsible for Intent HQ's overall business strategy, focus and prioritisation.

He has 25 years experience creating, leading and investing in early stage and growth technology ventures, having worked at Loyalty agency Blacksun Plc, (WhiteLight Systems (OLAP & Analytics – sold), Global Workplace (Services to Top 30 Global Business Schools – sold), eTalentworks (Recruitment tech – floated), Rights Marketing (Media Futures & Web based entertainment formats – sold stake to business partner) and Humotion GmbH (Human motion measurement – current).

Jonathan is regarded as a pioneer in Social Technology, dedicating the past five years building and market testing Intent HQ’s revolutionary engine to deliver relevance, personalisation and discovery. The company has grown from a basement in Great Titchfield Street to employing 30+ people today.

The 10 essentials of social personalisation

The 10 essentials of social personalisation

Personalisation is the hot topic at the moment. Customers want it, and online businesses want to give it to them.

But what businesses need is the most timely, accurate and, unsurprisingly, “personal” data upon which to base this personalisation

Here are the 10 most important factors to take into account when looking to offer the ultimate in social-powered personalised experiences. 

Social data - the honey badger of personalisation

Social data is the honey badger of personalisation

Image of a honey badger - social data is the 'honey badger' of personalisation

It’s digital marketers’ ultimate prize: consumers fill up the internet with their ideas, preferences and interests. (This is the big, big data, people!)

Turn that into real-time offers on your website, and jackpot! Angels sing. All the web’s kittens dance. And you’re badder than honey badger overnight.  

 A whole host of technologies have emerged to make this happen. Marketers have no problem finding solutions to personalise their websites.

The core challenge remains: what’s the best way to do personalisation?