Author: Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis believes there’s no excuse to be bored. In a digital era where we have access to endless eclectic influences, Mark draws his inspiration from the very age we live in: one that is using technology to revolutionize the way humans live, work, think, and make a powerful difference in the world. This inspiration drove him to write his book “Distraction – Being Human in the Digital Age,” which focuses on the effects and direction of digital media on society. It also led him to co-found Fjord.

Now as Fjord’s Chief Client Officer, Mark is instrumental in making Fjord one of the world’s leading service design consultancies. To do that, Mark oversees the sales, marketing, and strategy teams to redefine and expand Fjord’s offering to fit client needs, while also pioneering design innovation in new markets.

Mark is a well-respected trend spotter and frequent speaker at global conferences and events including recent keynotes at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference and mLove. When Mark isn’t soaking up  inspiration from his digitally savvy peers, he’s stepping away from the screen and traversing the mountain sides with his five children.

I belong to me: the dawn of the personal ecosystem

The past few years have seen innovative technologies crop up in the market, with an influx of new devices and services aimed at keeping up with consumer demand for the next must-have gadget.  

It is increasingly evident that mobile is changing everything at a rapid rate, and this now includes both new ways of working and new ways of interacting with our everyday devices.

As new systems are launched, the rise of personalised data is poised to be a hot topic as companies seek to deliver real benefits from the information gathered on consumers.  

Yet, as always, to succeed in today’s digital business landscape, people will have to come first.