Author: Kevin Freedman

Kevin Freedman

I am the Chairman at Kaboodle, a complete cloud-based marketing collaboration platform that liberates and empowers marketers. It answers the need for an easy-to-use tool that is fast, flexible, scalable and accessible anytime, anywhere. Kaboodle’s unique ‘purposeful collaboration’ features enable marketers to plan, track, communicate, collaborate, share and manage campaigns from initial concept to completion.

I am also the CEO of Freedman International, a specialist in helping brands to improve the overall efficiency (impact and value) of their global marketing campaigns. Freedman founded the organisation in 1990, building it to a market leading position in the delivery of fast and effective international marketing communications. For more than 15 years Freedman has accumulated vast experience and expertise, advising and consulting multinational companies in the areas of marketing operations optimisation, marketing supply chain management and internationalisation. 

Marketing campaign management needs Purposeful Collaboration

Marketing campaign management is more complex now than at any time, with many in-house and external professionals coming together to create, develop and deliver.

However, this combination of expertise is often missing the key ingredient of Purposeful Collaboration.